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“Automotive UX: challenges and approaches”

The established Automotive industry is under heavy attack. New players from the technology sector enter the market, new transportation systems are under development and the car has lost its number one ranking as status symbol.

Wolfgang’s talk will show how the auto industry deals with this situation from a User Experience point of view and which new ways they enter in terms of creating and marketing their products.


Wolfgang is a UX expert with almost 15 years of experience in designing, improving and measuring successful user interfaces.
Since March 2004 he worked at SirValUse and its successor GfK, where he led the German and Swiss User Experience Product Group.
Since the beginning of 2018 Wolfgang works as a freelance consultant in the UX industry.
Wolfgang’s focus has always been in the Auto and healthcare industry, where he concepted, planned and executed hundreds of projects with almost all major global brands.