Director of Design Research – Sutherland Labs

“Design Thinking in large organizations”

Simon was key member of a team which successfully embedded Design Thinking within a large international company, Sutherland. In this case study Simon describes how a shifting global market for support services created a need for a user centred approach, but some of the challenges in introducing this into a large organization.

He describes how the team established credibility and what helped them to embedded Design Thinking beyond a small specialist team and across the organization. In doing so he’ll share practical tips and strategies that can be used across other organizations.


Simon is a worldwide expert when it comes to customer experience, co-founder of the UXalliance and leading engagements across the media, finance, government and telecoms sectors.
His two decades of experience have seen him create and refine a range of digital services, map countless customer journeys for existing services and deepen understanding of user needs for revolutionary new ones.
He has helped to increase UX maturity within a range of organizations. He’s also a keen cyclist, fearlessly battling London traffic to and from work.