Regional Leader of Experience Innovation team – GfK APAC

“Virtual Reality Applications in UX – Why, What and How VR”

Technology wise, the history of Virtual Reality went way back before the 1950s. With the rapid improvement of the technology, VR is becoming more accessible in present time. Recent advances in Virtual Reality have allowed to create and simulate a more immersive and contextual-richer environment, so that consumers are able to “experience” products and services in a more agile setup.

In her talk, Maffee will demonstrate how VR technology can be used in different types of UX studies and domains, why we should use VR, how we can use it, the potentials and the limitations.


Maffee is the regional leader of the Experience Innovation team of GfK APAC area. She has more than 15 years of Design Research experience. She has worked with international companies, academia and government agencies in the United States, Singapore, India, China, Brazil and Taiwan. She has also worked on setting up start-ups and lecturing in universities in Singapore and Taiwan. Maffee is an expert in UX, HCI and Interaction Design. The design and research projects she has completed include front-end development, mobile applications and physical products across various industries. Her passion and focus has always been on studying user behavior and how to design more enjoyable experiences to users. Maffee holds a PhD in Computational Design from the Carnegie Mellon University.