Head of UX Strategy & Design – Assist Digital

“UX Design and Research facing the new challenges,
from broader UX borders to new technologies”

Machines that understand what we say. Objects connected to each other communicate our positions or behaviors to give input to the services we have at home. Predictive behavior-based models adapt contents and services to the needs of the individual user. Gestures, movements in the physical space, voice outputs or through different channels (such as Amazon Alexa Personal Assistant). This is the context of new digital services that goes far beyond the screen of the usual devices.

In this speech Luca will talk about how design approach is changing, what it means to design an interaction based on a mix of digital and physical touch points and how to build interesting interactions that provide a plurality of input / output tools, giving up to the well-established guidelines in the traditional “inside the screen” design. He will foresee a possible way out: to go back to the origins of the User Centered approach, which is focused on human activity, rather than on tools that are supporting it.


Luca, in Assist since 2007, is responsible for the digital consulting teams: Service Design and UX Design, UX Research, UI Design, Content & Social.
Under its lead these teams define and design customized multichannel user experiences to improve business performance and to give final customers an outstanding experience, by combining people’s skills with User Centered Design methodology. Since December 2015 he is also the Scientific Director of Assist Academy, the first training program in Italy supporting the Digital Transformation of companies. In 2003 Luca was one of the founding partners of Exit Consulting, the first Italian consultancy firm specialized in Ergonomics, User Centered Design, Consumers Research, Qualitative Market. The company merged into Assist Consulting in 2007.
Skilled in Human Computer Interaction and Interaction Design, he is an experienced business development professional with a PhD on User Centered Design.