Senior UX Consultant – Mantaray

“UX studies in Africa: opportunities for international organizations”

Countries in Africa are amongst the most rapidly developing in the world with, collectively, the largest youth market of today.   It is anticipated that in 7 years’ time there will be over a billion smartphones in Africa, which means that international organisations need to think about and understand their customers within these markets. This understanding starts by acknowledging that as the worlds’ second largest and second most populated continent, Africa is home to over a billion people across 54 different countries.

With languages numbering an estimated 2000 and tribes 3000, solving problems for the continent should be seen as an opportunity to recognise that in the world’s most diverse population one product or service will very likely not fit all.  By conducting UX studies throughout Africa, not only are we able to better understand what makes each country unique but also to discover the commonalities which will help us build global products for a local market.


Liezel has worked at Mantaray for over ten years.  As a senior user experience consultant, she has worked on projects for local and international clients in a varying number of sectors from banking and insurance to telecoms and travel. Clients include Barclays, Vodafone, Investec, Sun International, Facebook and Uber.  Liezel heads up operations and is a director at Mantaray.