Head of UX Research and Insights, Acting Head of Design – SONY Interactive Entertainment

“Incubating innovation and Building a Design Thinking culture”

There’s been much written about how to build a culture that will enable recruitment and retention of top-notch talent.But what aspects of that culture are critical to a company’ssuccess? What are the barriers that inhibit individuals from exploring innovative, insight-based hypotheses (aka iWAGs)? And what’s the connection to the current focus on Silicon Valley culture and women in technology?

In this fun, highly personal talk, we’ll explore these topics and hopefully come away with some agreement on 6 key attributes of successful innovative culture, and the role UX can play to bring iWAGs to light.


Lauren Zack is Head of UX Research & Insights, and Acting Head of Design for SONY Interactive Entertainment. She has lead multi-disciplinary UX teams throughout her career, contributing to award-winning experiences in healthcare, FinTech and consumer electronics.
Passionate about employing a user-centered focus to all aspects of work, Lauren has been publishing and speaking about this topic since 1991. Her first book, “Best Job Ever”, is due in March.