UX Marketing Manager, PM, Researcher – Mitsue-Links Co. Ltd.

“Enhancing Machine Learning with Better User Experience”

Machine learning algorithms have become an integral part of our lives, powering everything from movie recommendations to language translation. As the list of integrated technologies continues to grow, more and more companies are looking to this budding technology as the next step in generating exceptional user experiences.
However, to many people unfamiliar with its inner workings, Machine Learning can seem a lot like magic and expectations can often far exceed the realities.

UX as an industry and Machine Learning have, for the most part, developed independently.
Yet, as Machine Learning continues to make its way into our lives, UX professionals, as well as those in various other disciplines, must strive to understand the fundamentals of this technology and how it can be implemented within organizations.


Jonathan was born and raised in Pittsburgh. After receiving degrees in Psychology and Literature, he moved to Japan and has since spent his days mulling over the differences between Western and Eastern cultures.
At Mitsue-Links, he works with a team of native-Japanese user researchers to assist international companies in improving customer experiences for the local market.
When not coordinating user research studies, Jonathan is an avid reader, writer, and cycling enthusiast.