Web Analyst / UX Researcher at Mitsue-Links Co.Ltd.

“Enhancing Machine Learning with Better User Experience”

Machine learning algorithms have become an integral part of our lives, powering everything from movie recommendations to language translation. As the list of integrated technologies continues to grow, more and more companies are looking to this budding technology as the next step in generating exceptional user experiences.
However, to many people unfamiliar with its inner workings, Machine Learning can seem a lot like magic and expectations can often far exceed the realities.
UX as an industry and Machine Learning have, for the most part, developed independently.

Yet, as Machine Learning continues to make its way into our lives, UX professionals, as well as those in various other disciplines, must strive to understand the fundamentals of this technology and how it can be implemented within organizations.
In this talk, Jonathan and Hiroto will cover a brief introduction to Machine Learning, what it can and cannot do, what challenges we face, and the future it may lead us to.


Hiroto grew up in both the US and Japan and has a background in mechanical engineering and human factors.
He has been at Mitsue-Links in Tokyo for the past 4 years serving as both a front-end engineer and UX researcher.
His bilingual skills in English and Japanese have also been indispensable on many international projects.
These days, he is working on web analytics and supporting the UX team to supplement research findings with real-world data on user behavior.
In his off time, Hiroto enjoys listening to music, woodworking, and learning new skill sets.