Lead UX Designer, Sprint Master – Axance People

“Chatbot design: how to design conversational interfaces that work”

During this workshop you’ll learn how to use conversation to bring intelligence into user interactions. You’ll get an understanding of each step of a chatbot project, from the analysis of user pain points to the prototyping of a true conversation that delivers a unique user experience.

You’ll learn about the different kinds of chatbots, chatbot personalities, Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, conversations’ mapping, and much more. With a thought in mind: “Respond to everything, but remember the goal”.


Frédéric Dardion is a product designer and user experience consultant at Axance. Frédéric helps large corporations and startups at designing innovative products with the integration of lean startup and design sprint methods. He leads the UX strategy for main Axance’s client, helping them to deal with complexity: product system, organization, competition, and more. His main interest is to improve the relationship between human and technology and to improve user engagement for new solutions, and particularly for conversational tools.