Senior AI Consultant – Assist Digital

“Designing Vocal Conversation”

Elisabetta will deal with the design of vocal experiences from a Design and UX point of view. In details, she will explain how to bring vocal interaction from mechanical IVR to something more advanced and, as far as possible, not only single-task oriented.

In her talk she will present the guidelines to make a conversation more “human” and fluid, and she will show some examples of cutting-edge vocal services in terms of automation’s performance.


Elisabetta is Designer and Senior Consultant for AI Soluions at Assist Digital, mainly dealing with natural interactions, the use of voice and the advantages that AI can bring into experience and service design.
Graduated in Human-Computer Interaction in 2000, she started with Gopher e Mosaic and now she can easily say ‘Ok Google’ or ‘Hey Jibo’.
A Music Business Analyst for fun, she deals with UX & Service Design. Elisabetta was leading the Experience Design team first in LBI IconMedialab and then Gaia, working on integrated communication projects, portals, ecommerce, intranet, app in different markets: Beverage, Fashion, Automotive, Travel, Banking, and Insurance.