CEO & Founder – Torresburriel Estudio

“The role of Big Data in organizations’ decision making”

Global companies needs to improve paths, processes and methodology in order to maximize results. Usually Design has been a lateral collaborator to help reaching the goals.

Big Data has just arrived in our lives to help companies how to get data value to make better decisions. Organizations can use Big Data also to predict our (and their) next actions.


CEO and Founding Partner of Torresburriel Estudio (2011), Daniel is owner and teacher at UX Learn, training center on usability and user experience.
UX teacher in several masters and advanced programs: Master of Electronic Business Administration of the University of Zaragoza, K-School (Madrid), IEM Business School (Valencia), Kühnel Business School (Zaragoza) and Bilbao Business Training School.
Author of three books on information and communication technologies: Internet handbook for social workers (Mira Editores Zaragoza, 2001) – Seven years of user experience. (UX Learn. Zaragoza, 2011) – Usability: stop suffering (Anaya Multimedia).
More than 19 years of online experience, he is a regular speaker at congresses and industry events. More than 100 lectures on usability, accessibility, user experience and information architecture.